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Anti-Islam activist, Michael Stürzenberger, among those stabbed in knife attacks in Germany

The attack, which took place in Mannheim, was captured during a YouTube live stream and it is believed to have happened during a small gathering for the BPE political group, which holds anti-Islam views.

The attacker can be seen tackling a man to the ground before attempting to thr¥§t a knife into his head.  Bystanders rushed to aid the victim and tried to pull the attacker off.

The city’s police force confirmed the incident and said three people, including one officer, were injured but there was no further danger to the public as the suspect was apprehended.

The police did not immediately provide any information about the severity of the injuries or the identities of those involved, but one of those stabbed was a prominent German far-right political activist and critic of Islam, Michael Stürzenberger.

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