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At least 11 workers are trapped as buildings collapse in Kano.

In a tragic incident on Friday, April 26, 2024, an unidentified number of workers were trapped when a building collapsed in the Kuntau area of Gwale local government area of Kano State.

According to initial reports, at least 11 individuals were caught under the rubble of the building, which was under construction. Emergency responders from the FRSC and the State Fire Service have been on the scene working to rescue those trapped.

Two people have been successfully rescued and rushed to the hospital for immediate medical attention.

Excavation efforts were underway, with responders tirelessly working to locate and rescue any remaining trapped individual. So far, some corpses have been recovered from the site, though the exact number has not yet been confirmed.

The cause of the building collapse is still unknown, & local authorities were investigating the incident. Further details are expected as the situation unfolds.

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