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Davido Makes Headlines: Reportedly Spends Millions of Dollars on New Private Jet

Award-winning singer Davido, also known as David Adeleke, has begun the new month on a high note by acquiring another private jet. The father of five took to Twitter, now known as X, to announce that he had purchased a Bombardier 7500 jet. This marks his third private jet acquisition.

According to reports from a netizen, the Bombardier 7500 is one of the most expensive private jets, with prices ranging from $68 million to $78 million depending on the source.

While some congratulated him on his latest acquisition, others expressed disbelief, labeling him a clout chaser.

One Aviation Energy wrote, “Is he trying to steal it? The Bombardier 7500 costs $68m. What’s his net worth?”

One Favy Og1 wrote, “He’s the real top boss.”

One Emperor Mike1 wrote, “People in this country are too naive. Don’t you know Davido’s father is a billionaire? Amazing.”

One Mayor Soj wrote, “Davido should buy one for Wizkid and Burna to share, please.”

One WG Sammy Richie wrote, “Sir, show us proof, don’t just tweet about it.”

One Styled By Zinah wrote, “So, where is it?”

One Onyinyechi Favor wrote, “Wow! OBO is the wealthiest celebrity alive.”

One Official Bobby Frederick wrote, “Vanity upon vanity! We will all walk to heaven.”

One Billy Jay wrote, “Where’s the evidence?”

One Manuel De Stallion wrote, “Always seeking attention, but where’s the money to buy it? Wizkid, who could buy Davido as a pet, is just chilling.”

These comments come weeks after Davido pondered a career change, expressing regret over his current profession after realizing the wealth of football stars like Mbappe, Messi, and Ronaldo. In February, he celebrated a million-dollar credit alert, dancing joyously in a video he shared.

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