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Dog eats flesh off girl’s head, attacks owner trying to protect victim in Oyo

A five-year-old girl, identified as Moridiyat Rauf, has been hospitalized after she was brutally attacked by a dog in Ibadan, Oyo State.

The unfortunate incident occurred when the girl went to greet the owner of the dog, an elderly woman, at her house in the Adagbada Arola area of Apete, on Wednesday.

The girl went into the house with the belief that the animal had been secured in its cage.

However, unknown to the woman identified simply as Esther, the dog had somehow loosened the padlock used to hold the cage, and as the girl came in, it pounced on her and bit off the hair and flesh covering her head.

The dog owner reportedly struggled to extricate the girl from the dog but was unsuccessful, making her shield the badly injured Moridiya with her body.

Angry at the move, the dog descended on its owner, bit off her tongue, and tore a big chunk of flesh off of her face.

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