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Lagos State: 219 persons arrested for crossing the expressway

The Lagos State Government through its spokesperson says it arrested and prosecuted at least 219 persons for crossing expressways in different parts of the state last month.

This was disclosed to journalists on Tuesday 2nd of April.

The State’s spokesperson said they were arrested at Oshodi, Dopemu, Ikeja, Ikorodu Road, Ketu and Ojota.

He also said the arrest will continue as long as they continue to disobey meant to save their lives.

The spokesperson asked why some persons, including parents, would take children to cross a 10-lane-expressway where there were pedestrian bridges to be used.

Ajayi called on the residents, particularly parents, to advise their wards against crossing the expressways.

He said that the agency would be committed to saving lives by enforcing laws in that regard.

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