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Rapper Lil Durk’s 10-year-old son allegedly shot his stepfather in defense of his mother

A footage surfaced on the internet, on Saturday, July 6, 2024, of Lil Durk‘s 10-year-old son allegedly shooting his stepfather during a domestic dispute with his mother.

The video of the incident which reportedly happened on Monday, July 1, shows the child taking a gun from the man identified as Reezy’s hip during the altercation before shooting him.

Reezy explained the incident in an IG post stating that he was not the aggr£§sor.

“As y’all can see I was not the aggressor and y’all also can see how I still had my gun on my hip he grabbed my gun off my hip following his mom’s lead and tried toshoott me and then actually shot me. I advise y’all see it before they take it down #buildawareness,” he wrote.

The 10-year-old and his siblings are to be taken from their mother‘s custody by the DCS.

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