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Strange Things in Western Hunan (2024) [Chinese]

After the person left, according to local customs in Fengmen Village, they needed to be buried at night, but a female body appeared inexplicably in the coffin, which made the whole village uneasy. The common people posted reward notices and wanted to recruit Taoist priests to come and suppress them. When the mysterious Taoist priest Feng Lengqing went deep into the haunted house to break the Yin Qi, he used a unique fighting skill to escape, revealing the fact that he was originally a successor of the Taosha Sima sect of the Tao Dou Men. Afterwards, Feng Lengqing discovered that the female body in Tsing Yi was a trap set up. However, Lao Jin used despicable means to threaten Feng Lengqing and forced him to die for the danger.

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Strange Things in Western Hunan (2024) [Chinese]

Genre: Action, Drama, Adventure

Release Date: Feb 28, 2024


Language: Chinese

Subtitle: English[Hardcoded]


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