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Tearful Mohbad’s wife blames Father-In-Law for autopsy test’s failure to reveal singer’s death, laments hurried burial

It was reported that Wahab Shittu (SAN), the lawyer representing Mohbad’s family said that a pathologist, Prof. Sunday Osiyemi, said that the actual cause of the late singer’s death could not be ascertained.

Omowunmi Aloba, the wife of the late singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, has blamed her late husband’s father, Joseph Aloba, for being responsible for the failed autopsy test that could not ascertain the actual cause of the late singer’s death.

Shittu told reporters that the pathologist from the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), told the Lagos Coroner Magistrate Adedayo Shotobi, that the results of an autopsy conducted on Mohbad’s body failed to ascertain the actual cause of his death because of several reasons, including that it took about 21 days before the autopsy was conducted. He noted that by then, the deceased’s body had started decomposing.

Mohbad’s wife, Omowunmi, lamented in tears that she had been sad and heartbroken since Wednesday after the pathologist’s testimony in court.

She accused her father-in-law of being responsible for the inability of the autopsy test to ascertain the cause of her husband’s death, lamenting that the late singer’s father ignored everyone’s plea and hurriedly buried her husband.

She said:

“I have been sad. I have been heartbroken since yesterday when I got the news on what the pathologist said about the autopsy of my husband.

“When my father-in-law wanted to take him away, I begged him, I pleaded, I cried. Everybody around that place with me cried. My mother-in-law cried but he pushed her away.

“Zlatan Ibile, who is one of my husband’s industry brothers, pleaded but he said no. My husband’s lawyer pleaded but they said no. Bella Shmurda called on the phone and pleaded but my father-in-law said no. Everybody pleaded with my father-in-law but he refused.

“He buried my husband hurriedly. He buried my husband that way. I didn’t even know when he was taking my husband to the morgue. I was inside. I didn’t know when he called the ambulance that took my husband to the morgue. I had to take an Uber to go after them to Ikotun General Hospital.

“My husband did not even sleep in the morgue. He was kept outside till morning. I didn’t even know they wanted to bury my husband. I got to know through the media and I ran down there. They had already put him inside a coffin and his neck was even bent.”

She lamented that Mohbad had not been hurriedly buried, “the autopsy would have been done and I would have known everything that happened to my husband”.

She said, “I know the autopsy would have revealed everything for the world to see.

“For somebody that a nurse gave an injection with almost seven people in the same room, the autopsy could not detect it because he was buried hurriedly. They even placed a heavy stone on my husband’s grave. What for? Nobody deserves to be treated that way after death.

“For the pathologist to have said that in the years that he had been working, he had never seen somebody buried in such a manner, shows how wicked the people who killed my husband are.

“It was my father-in-law and his cohorts that did that to my husband. My husband suffered while alive and suffered in death. His body has been kept inside that morgue for eight months, and now, they could not get the result of the cause of his death because he was buried hurriedly.

“How could a celebrity be buried in such a hurry? And to think that his father was at the scene when he was buried and it was raining heavily but he still allowed them to put my husband inside the grave.”

She further alleged that when she got there, “my father-in-law asked people to kidnap me and my son and I had to run for my life”.

According to her, the pathologist said that if Mohbad’s body had been exhumed between 24 hours and 48 hours after he was buried, they would have been able to determine the cause of his death.

“But because he stayed over a week inside the shallow grave where they buried my husband, they couldn’t get anything because his organs had decomposed.

“If my father-in-law had listened to me, all these things wouldn’t have happened. Now see!” she said.

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