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The Witcher Season 3 Plot and Thriller

The Witcher is finally returning to our screens after a year and a half away. Of course, it doesn’t feel like it’s been gone that long, since the spinoff Blood Origin aired just a few months ago. But the flagship Witcher show is returning for season 3 on June 29, with more episodes to follow on July 27.

The official summary of the series states that on the Continent, where monarchs, mages, and mythical creatures vie for supremacy, Geralt takes Ciri of Cintra into seclusion, determined to safeguard their reunited family from those who seek its destruction.”

“Yennefer, entrusted with Ciri’s magical training, leads them to the fortified sanctuary of Aretuza, hoping to uncover the young girl’s hidden powers. However, they soon find themselves embroiled in a battleground of political corruption, sinister magic, and betrayal. To prevail, they must confront these challenges head-on, risking everything or facing the possibility of losing each other forever.”

When discussing the third season, showrunner Hissrich exclaimed, “S3 is monumental.” Although she is aware of the budget, she prefers not to disclose specific details, which is understandable.

Following season two’s chaotic finale, the next run of episodes will focus primarily on Ciri’s destiny as a world destroyer (or hopefully a saviour, if we ever want to see season four come to light). There are plenty of forces gathering to manipulate the princess’s power for themselves, including her own (formerly deceased) father. But at least Ciri now has Geralt and Yennefer by her side.

Looking for a more granular analysis of season two’s final episode? Check out our extremely comprehensive ending explained right here.

And looking ahead, Hissrich told TechRadar that season three will be based on The Time of Contempt, the second book in the Witcher saga. In that book, Yennefer, Ciri, and Geralt journey to Aretuza where a coup takes place, forcing this trio to separate again.

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