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Two of Nigeria’s biggest music stars, Kizz Daniel and Tekno are at ‘war’ over the proceeds of the hit song ‘Buga’

Tekno threw the first salvo while reacting to an interview. The said interview quoted him as saying he got almost a billion Naira from Kizz Daniel as proceeds from ‘Buga‘.

He denied it, saying he (Kizz Daniel) does not have that much. Kizz responded by claiming the song rescued Tekno.

Recall that the monster hit — Buga — dropped in 2022. It has garnered over 200 million views on YouTube. It went on to become almost a global anthem.

So, the report went viral. According to it, Kizz Daniel sent Tekno 50% of every revenue he generated from the song.

In fact, it claimed the proceeds amounted to over one billion Naira,

Responding, Tekno posted on his X (Twitter): “Him money no reach. Anybody wey put out that fake interview, thunder fire your mama…#Talkingshit.”

“He doesn’t have that much money. Thunder will strike whoever put out that fake interview”).

Kizz Daniel replied: “Dem mention money you sef dey talk… spewing shit like anus. See ekuke way we rescue with BUGA!! Oloribu omo ale.”

(“You are talking when money is being mentioned. Spewing shit like anus. Look at ekuke we rescued with Buga, Basard.”)

Tekno hit back: “Hope you are trending now fool! Careful o, breeze blow foul nyash dey open. I’m not the one to be played with.”

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