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UAE Airline Plans to Resume Flights to Nigeria Soon, Announces Festus Keyamo

The United Arab Emirates, UAE, has finalized arrangements to resume flights with Nigeria before Summer.

The Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, Festus Keyamo, revealed this during an interview on Arise news on Monday, April 8.

Keyamo stated that Emirates Airline had expressed its readiness in a letter sent to the Nigerian Government. He clarified that the events of the earlier visit and resolution were not fake but were presented hastily.

“Emirates flight resumption is almost happening. I just received a letter from Emirates. The letter is on my phone now. They have gone through all the gamut and they are ready to come back. They will announce the date because to restart a route, they must get an aircraft for that route.

I am announcing to Nigerians for the first time; that I just received a letter from Emirates now. The letter is with me. I have a hard copy thanking you for all the efforts we made. Mr President was the showman here. He was the one who pushed for it. He made my job easy because he went there, and had a diplomatic shuttle to resolve all the issues.

That was why I said the last announcement was hasty and not fake news. They will announce the date for their next flight. We have received a letter confirming that all the issues have been resolved and prepared to start coming back. It may be before June.”

In addition to Emirates suspending flights to Nigeria, in 2022, the UAE Immigration Department informed its trade partners and travel agencies that it would no longer accept visa applications from 22 countries, with 20 of them being African nations.

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