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Activist VeryDarkMan has declared that he will become a crossdresser if Bobrisky is not arrested

Controversial social media activist VeryDarkMan has vowed to become a crossdresser if popular transvestite Bobrisky is not arrested.

VeryDarkMan had previously demanded Bobrisky’s arrest for cross-dressing, alleging that he was being shielded by powerful politicians who are his gay partners.

Amidst calls for the apprehension of crossdressers in the country, the Force Police Public Officer, ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, clarified in an interview that the police cannot arrest transvestites because crossdressing is not considered a crime in Nigeria.

In response, VeryDarkMan shared a video message on his Instagram page, expressing his frustration. He vowed to become a crossdresser and even use the female restroom if popular figures like Bobrisky are not arrested, emphasizing his discontent with the lack of action against crossdressers despite allegations of homosexuality, which he views as a serious crime.

He asserted that his recent arrest was linked to his advocacy for Bobrisky’s arrest and his assertions that Bobrisky was being shielded by gay politicians.

Addressing rumors that Tonto Dikeh was behind his detention, he refuted the claim, stating that she lacked the authority to detain him. He emphasized that his detention was due to the video he made advocating for Bobrisky’s arrest and his allegations about Bobrisky’s protection by gay lawmakers. Despite his detainment, he expressed readiness to face further repercussions for his subsequent videos.

“Since the police affirm that crossdressing is legal, I am considering starting to crossdress myself. I will give them one week after withdrawing my petition against Bobrisky. If Bobrisky is not arrested within that time frame, I am prepared to become a crossdresser and utilize the female restroom.”

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