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Blessing CEO Unveils Musical Talents: Drops Diss Track for Very Dark Man (Video)

If Very Dark Man had an anti-fan club, Blessing CEO would undoubtedly be its president. Their ongoing feud seems never-ending, as new developments continue to surface.

Blessing CEO recently took to Instagram to announce her upcoming song. In her caption, she provided details about the song’s content, expressing her readiness to tackle controversial topics head-on.

She wrote: “I’ve been busy in the studio lately.. I’m cooking up some music for failed men. Wait for me…… the war hasn’t begun, but prepare yourselves because things are about to get messy….”

Blessing CEO’s caption hints at addressing issues related to failed relationships and individuals who have not met expectations. She appears determined to make bold statements through her music, addressing societal issues and potentially reigniting her ongoing feud with Very Dark Man.

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It’s uncertain whether Blessing CEO obtained clearance from Davido’s team before using his song as a sample in her diss track. Using copyrighted material without permission can potentially lead to legal issues, especially if the usage is for commercial purposes. If Blessing CEO did not secure the necessary permissions, it could indeed result in another online scandal, particularly if Davido or his team take notice and decide to take action.

Blessing CEO’s persistence in dragging Very Dark Man suggests a personal vendetta or a desire to garner attention and engagement on social media. Despite Very Dark Man’s withdrawal from their feud, Blessing CEO continues to target him, possibly fueled by past grievances or a desire for retaliation.

Her behavior during Very Dark Man’s arrest and subsequent release further emphasizes her animosity towards him. Mocking his appearance and openly expressing excitement about his misfortune suggests a deep-seated dislike or resentment towards him.

Overall, Blessing CEO’s relentless pursuit of dragging Very Dark Man highlights the complexities of online feuds and the potential consequences of engaging in such behavior.

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