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Netizens Abuzz as EFCC Allegedly Arrests Crossdresser Bobrisky: Reactions Pour In

The reported arrest of popular crossdresser and internet sensation, Idris Okuneye, better known as Bobrisky, has sparked a variety of reactions online. While some individuals express curiosity and concern regarding the reason behind Bobrisky’s arrest, others approach the situation with humor.

Many people eagerly await further details and updates about the circumstances surrounding Bobrisky’s arrest, with the hope of gaining a clearer understanding of the situation. However, some netizens take a lighthearted approach, using humor to discuss the news and share their reactions.

Overall, the news of Bobrisky’s arrest has triggered a diverse range of responses from individuals across various social media platforms, reflecting the widespread interest and speculation surrounding the incident.

One Lateef Oluwadamilare wrote, “What did he do to them?

One Documents 2010 wrote, “Make e go explain where he dey see money. Mr Bob go hear word. Nice job EFCC, since him dey feel dat na him papa get Nigerian police

One Giran Federal wrote, “Carry him give DSS make him beat ham back to the brotherhood

One Nuel Comics wrote, “What did she do?

One Okoba Oteni wrote, “She must not come back ooo. From EFCC to jail straight. She’s a taboo to the society

One Rome Of B wrote, “Make he sha no use body odor injure una for there cos can’t imagine that kind person near my enemy if AC isn’t on or working optimally

One Sammy Mere wrote, “Na male or female cell them go out am?

One Sarah Oyinadeart wrote, “Did he commit fraud? Or have gender fraud. We make art

One Kourtney Bankz wrote, “Which cell they go out Bob like this now?

One D Sunkanmi wrote, “This is injustice because you don’t like him, you’re happy they arrested him for no reason. Two face people

One Godwin Okoye wrote, “Why? What did he do?”.

Two days back, a police spokesperson, Olumuyiwa Adejobi had revealed why Bobrisky, James Brown, and others can’t be arrested. He stated that it is a very tricky situation, as he expressed how cross-dressing is not yet a punishable offense in Nigeria, but being queer is.

He made it known that even if there might be rumors of people who cross-dress also being a part of the LGBTQ community because there is no specific evidence to back that up, they cannot take them to court and if eventually taken to court, one will lose.

Back in March of 2024, Bobrisky had blown hot after people criticized his decision to be a cross-dresser. He wrote a lengthy post on Instagram where he cautioned people to allow other people to leave, explaining that there was something called choice and everybody has their own different choices to make.

He went on to express that even if his creator was to wake him up, he would still defend himself and tell God why. He further cautioned them to mind their business.

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