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Breaking News: Allegations Surface – Wife of Comedian AY, Mabel, Reportedly Leaves Him for Government Official Amid Cheating and Domestic Abuse Claims

Gossip blogger Cutie Julls has provided an update to the public regarding an alleged unfavorable development in the family of famous comedian AY Makun. According to a post on its Instagram page, the blogger stated that AY’s wife has departed from their relationship. Furthermore, the blogger clarified that the affectionate videos circulating online are old clips. However, it’s important to note that these claims remain unverified, and neither AY nor his wife has confirmed or commented on the situation.

According to the gossip, AY’s wife is currently involved in a romantic relationship with a financially stable and attractive government official. The report also accuses the comedian of infidelity and domestic violence against his wife.

Labelling AY as a chronic cheater, the gossip alleges that Mabel Makun was the one who funded the renovation of their mansion, which was damaged in a fire a few months ago. However, it’s important to remember that these are unconfirmed rumors and should be taken with caution until verified by credible sources.

The gossip:

“Mabel has left AY.

I don’t why people keep posting some old videos to make it seem like Mabel is still with AY. Abeg, I’m telling y’all that Mabel is gone.

And please her new man, who is in government isn’t married. The guy is financially dope. He himself is good looking. Very well put together physique.

He is in government. Congratulations to Mabel for moving on from a chronic ch£at.”

In a follow-up post, the blogger wrote:


“Mabel, I’m rooting for you uuu.

Mabel used her money to even renovate their house that got burnt.

The ch£ATING is one thing but the be@ting was it for me. The audacity of a ch£ATING husband who fine girl like Mabel was managing to package


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