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Bobrisky never talk since o,” Very Dark Man taunted Bobrisky for maintaining silence since his release from prison

Just a few weeks ago, Very Dark Man was offering apologies to Bobrisky, but it appears that any hopes of reconciliation have faded, as he has returned to mocking the famous crossdresser on Instagram.

In a recent post, Very Dark Man criticized Bobrisky for maintaining silence since his return. He also warned Bobrisky against picking fights with someone who has nothing to lose.

The conflict that Very Dark Man referenced in his post occurred before his arrest. Since his release, Bobrisky has noticeably refrained from addressing the issue publicly. Some speculate that Bobrisky’s silence may be attributed to his recent altercation with Portable, suggesting that he may be taking a break from online disputes.

Since regaining his freedom, Very Dark Man has repeatedly taunted Bobrisky. Initially, he urged the Nigerian Police Force to arrest Bobrisky within a week, threatening to take drastic measures if they failed to do so. These measures included dressing up as a woman and accessing female-only bathrooms, mocking Bobrisky’s gender identity.

Bobrisky’s silence amidst Very Dark Man’s continuous taunting is quite unusual, considering Bobrisky’s history of responding swiftly to such provocations. However, it’s essential to consider the circumstances surrounding Bobrisky’s recent silence.

Given Bobrisky’s recent altercation with Portable and the subsequent legal issues, it’s plausible that Bobrisky may be taking a strategic approach by refraining from engaging in further online disputes. Bobrisky might be prioritizing resolving his current legal matters and maintaining a low profile to avoid further controversy.

Alternatively, Bobrisky may be employing a tactic of ignoring the taunts to avoid giving Very Dark Man the attention he seeks. By remaining silent, Bobrisky could be depriving Very Dark Man of the satisfaction of eliciting a response.

Overall, Bobrisky’s silence amidst the ongoing taunts from Very Dark Man could be a strategic decision aimed at prioritizing personal matters and avoiding unnecessary conflict.

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