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Insecurity is declining in Nigeria because terrorists can’t afford AK-47 Rifles which now cost N5 million — NSA, Nuhu Ribadu

The Nigerian government has claimed that terrorists ravaging the country have been finding it hard to kill because AK47 firearms & other weapons have become too costly for them to afford.

This assertion was made by Nuhu Ribadu the National Security Adviser who maintained that there was a dramatic decline in terrorism-related d£aths & the availability of AK-47 firearms in the country lately

Ribadu made the statement while emphasizing developments in Nigeria’s fight against terrorism at the High-Level African Counter-Terrorism Meeting in Abuja on Monday. He further stated that the price of the AK-47 has risen from less than N1 million to more than N5 million over the last year. “We are working & I think we’ve done fairly well

One of the things that we have seen as an indication that things are beginning to look different is the cost of, for example, AK47.”

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