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Lagos CP orders trial of police officers seen assaulting a man in a viral video

Adegoke Fayoade, the Lagos commissioner of police, has ordered the orderly room trial of some officers over the alleged assault of a suspect while attempting to arrest him.

On Tuesday, a video showing some police officers beating up a man while attempting to drag him inside a minibus appeared on social media. In the less than one-minute video, the man is seen shouting that he would call his lawyer and that the police officers would pay for the a§§ault on him.

In a statement on Wednesday, Benjamin Hundeyin, Lagos police spokesperson, said officers from the Alausa division had received numerous complaints about “flagrant abuse of hard drugs” at Makinde Odewale Street in Oregon. Hundeyin said some officers were mobilized to the area on July 2 to arrest suspected illicit drug users and dealers.

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