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Man uses the 1.2m his father gave him to pay school fees to play bet

A Nigerian man has found himself in serious trouble after using N1.2m sent to him by his father to clear his school fees and other stuffs to play bet.

Shockingly, he lost the bet.

An X user, shared the screenshots.

He said his father gave his senior brother N1.2M to clear off his school fees and other stuffs, but the senior brother never used it for that.

Instead, he used it to play a bet and lost everything, then came to his DM to break the news to him.

“Jesus 😭😭😭

My dad sent 1.2m for my senior bro to clear his school fees and stuff

He just messaged me now showing me a lost ticket of 1.2m.

I don’t even know what to reply to him 😭😭” read the post.

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