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“You are toxic and uneducated”, Justin Dean slams those supporting Kora Obidi

This comes after Korra started a gofundme to raise funds to fight him legally after he reached out to Meta to take down her Facebook videos that have their kids in them and to prevent her from ever posting their kids.

Justin said that he is in touch with Facebook and any content Korra posts with their kids in it would be taken down.

He admitted he posts his kids online but said that doesn’t make him a hypocrite because the videos are age-appropriate and he doesn’t twerk in them, unlike Korra’s videos.

He denied Korra’s claim that their daughter’s private part was photographed by a nanny and the photo was shared on a group.

He maintained that he would never allow his daughters to be posted online by Korra again because her followers, especially the Nigerians, are toxic.

He said: “I will likely never ever allow my kids to be back on social media again because y’all toxic. You guys aren’t good for them.

“Nigerians’ I’m talking to you mostly. This whole women supporting women movement, even when the woman is wrong, you guys are the problem with society nowadays. When you don’t support people that are right.

“I mean how many lies are being said on social media on a daily basis that you guys are seeing and you continue to support lies. That’s a problem.

“That’s how you get corrupt government. That’s how you get corruption in every level of society, because you see things that are wrong and you support it anyways.

“All of you guys that don’t like me, all you guys think that I’m somehow whatever the hell you label me as, you can go to blazes.

“You guys are not educated, you don’t have thoughts, you’re not sentient humans that have critical thinking skills. I do not care what you think or say about me.”

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