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Today I’ll give her 100m without even thinking — Kizz Daniel Recalls How His Wife Paid For First Studio Session

Nigerian musician, Kizz daniel recently opened up about his past, including his music journey and the support he received from his wife.

Mjay Anidugbe was introduced as the singer’s spouse and the mother of his children. This news touched the hearts of his female fans, who have a deep admiration for him.

Surprisingly, Mjay played a significant role in the singer’s music career by funding his first music studio session with N10k when he was struggling financially.

In a lengthy tweet, Kizz Daniel shared how his wife was ridiculed by her friends who doubted his singing abilities.

Kizz Daniel wrote: “Ten years ago when I started music she believed in me, I’ll spend hours in the studio and she will bring me food. I remember her friends m°ck!ng her that I can’t sing well.

She and my brother stood by me. I’ll make a post and only her and my brother will like it. She even had to pay for my first song which was just 10k naira. Today I’ll give her 100m without even thinking. Thank you Wifey.”

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