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Ranking the Likability of Characters in ‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’

Spider-Man: Across The Spiderverse has arrived in theaters, taking us on another thrilling journey with Miles Morales as he embarks on exciting new adventures across various dimensions. The emergence of a perplexing adversary known as The Spot triggers chaos across different realities. In the midst of this turmoil, Miles is pleasantly surprised to reunite with his old friend Gwen Stacy, who has become a member of an esteemed spider-society. Intrigued by their mission, he decides to accompany Gwen on a journey through alternate universes, unaware of the potential consequences it may entail for him.

The sequel brings back familiar faces like Gwen Stacy and Peter B. Parker, while introducing a diverse group of new Spider-People that Miles encounters during his dimensional travels. With these characters comes a fresh set of dynamics, tougher obstacles, and even more visually stunning styles that showcase the power of animation in capturing the essence of Spider-Man. It’s clear that this franchise continues to captivate and delight audiences with its ability to touch their hearts.

10. Miguel O'Hara / Spider-Man 2099

Portrayed by Oscar Isaac, who described him as a Spider-Man with a rather serious demeanor, Miguel O’Hara represents a unique version of the web-slinger hailing from an alternate reality in the year 2099. He embodies a brooding vampire ninja persona and serves as the founder and leader of the prestigious Spider-Society, dedicated to safeguarding the multiverse. In an intriguing twist, he becomes an adversary to Miles, diverging from the traditional hero archetype.

Similar to other individuals with spider-like abilities, Miguel O’Hara assumes the role of a web-swinging crime fighter, driven by a poignant past that fuels his determination. However, in the film, he becomes consumed by his goals, taking his actions to extreme measures. Despite his belief that he acts in the best interest of others, his disdain for Miles, considering him an “anomaly,” and his unorthodox methods push him far from the realm of heroism.

9. Jefferson "Jeff" Morales

Introducing Jefferson Morales, the devoted father of Miles, skillfully voiced by Brian Tyree Henry. Despite his deep love for his son, Jefferson faces a challenging task of connecting with him due to Miles’s hidden alter ego. As a dedicated police officer, he unknowingly clashes with Spider-Man, unaware that his own flesh and blood hides beneath the iconic mask. However, their reluctant collaboration unfolds following the events of the first film.

Meet Officer Morales, an affectionate and compassionate individual, relentlessly pursuing the best for his family. Yet, this very aspiration drives him to set exceedingly high standards for his son, placing immense pressure on Miles, who is already burdened with numerous responsibilities. Nonetheless, Jefferson remains a father who strives to comprehend his son’s world and will go to any lengths to support him.

8. Rio Morales

Meet Rio Morales, a warm and nurturing mother who always has her son’s best interests at heart. She consistently strives to inspire him to reach his full potential while providing unwavering support whenever he needs it. Working as a nurse, Rio possesses a unique perspective, as she holds a positive regard for Spider-Man, even without knowing his true identity. Her understanding and compassion shine through, setting her apart from her husband.

Portrayed by the talented Luna Lauren Vélez, Rio takes on a more significant role in this film, offering invaluable moral support to her son during his struggles. She assures him that he can confide in her without hesitation and emphasizes the importance of never allowing anyone to make him feel like he doesn’t belong. This invaluable life lesson becomes particularly crucial as Miles embarks on a journey of self-discovery within the Spider-Society.

7. Dr. Jonathon Ohnn / The Spot

Transitioning from a source of laughter to a figure of dread, Jason Schwartzman’s character, known as the Spot, possesses an enigmatic appearance characterized by unnaturally pale skin riddled with perforations capable of serving as gateways to alternate dimensions and temporal realms. Initially known as Dr. Jonathon Ohnn, he initially engages in petty criminal activities, yet swiftly transforms himself into a formidable menace.

Over the course of the film, the Spot undergoes a significant evolution. Initially, he assumes the role of a relatively harmless and endearing villain who appears briefly to challenge our hero, Spider-Man, boasting amusing banter and bungling attempts at unlawful deeds. However, both Spider-Man and the audience commit the error of underestimating him, for he swiftly matures into a captivating multidimensional adversary, leaving fans eagerly anticipating further

6. Jessica Drew / Spider-Woman

Introducing Jessica Drew, also known as Spider-Woman, a fearless vigilante who remains dedicated to her heroic endeavors even while expecting a child. She bursts onto the scene, initially joining the fight against the Renaissance Vulture at the Guggenheim, showcasing her unyielding spirit. Recognizing Gwen’s potential during the battle, Jessica extends an invitation to the young heroine, offering guidance and protection from her father as they form a mentor-mentee bond.

Portrayed with captivating voice acting by Issa Rae, Jessica emerges as a prominent figure within the Spider-Society, often assuming the role of Miguel’s trusted confidante and ally. Her demeanor exudes strength, intelligence, and exceptional competence, making her an admired and respected presence. As the story progresses, she begins to question Miguel’s plans and overall mission, hinting at a potential alliance with Miles as doubts emerge towards the film’s conclusion.

5. Peter B. Parker / Spider-Man

Making his return from the previous film, Peter B. Parker undergoes a remarkable transformation in the sequel, having devoted ample time to address the complexities of his once chaotic existence. He manages to reconcile with Mary Jane, rekindling their relationship, and ultimately experiences the joys of fatherhood with their adorable daughter, May “Mayday” Parker. While previously serving as Miles’ mentor, Peter now assumes a valuable role within the Spider-Society, all the while endeavoring to guide Miles along the path of righteousness.

Despite undergoing personal growth since his last appearance, Jake Johnson’s portrayal of Peter B. Parker retains the endearing qualities that made him a beloved iteration of Spider-Man. With his quick-witted humor and a heart filled with compassion, he remains the same charismatic and lovable hero. One of the most remarkable aspects of Peter’s character is how he showcases the profound impact that his encounter with Miles had on his life, highlighting the significance of resilience and rising above adversity.

4. Gwen Stacy / Spider-Woman

Meet Gwen Stacy, an extraordinary Spider-Person hailing from an alternate universe, masterfully voiced by Hailee Steinfeld. In the remarkable animated film, Gwen’s path intertwines with Spider-Man’s when the cataclysmic effects of Kingpin’s collider inadvertently converge multiple Spider-People, including an amusing Spider-Pig, within Miles’s reality. Gwen’s character embodies confidence, competence, and a remarkable ability to remain composed in the face of adversity, owing to the hardships she has endured.

As the narrative unfolds, viewers are provided a deeper glimpse into Gwen’s world and the emotional depth of her personal journey, beautifully depicted through captivating watercolor visuals. Exhibiting immense strength and resilience, Gwen becomes a source of heartfelt sincerity in the film, grappling with the conflicting dynamics between her friendship with Miles and the obligations she must fulfill. Ultimately, Gwen’s unwavering commitment to doing what is morally right adds an impactful layer to the narrative’s emotional fabric.

3. Miles Morales / Spider-Man

Meet Miles Morales, the extraordinary individual who steps into the role of Spider-Man after a fateful encounter with a radioactive spider and the tragic loss of his universe’s Peter Parker. Voiced by the talented Shameik Moore, Miles is just a kid trying to navigate the challenges of becoming a hero while juggling his personal life. Yet, through his unwavering determination, keen intellect, and boundless creativity, he proves himself deserving of the iconic mantle.

Since his debut on the silver screen, Miles has captured the hearts of countless fans who admire him for demonstrating that anyone can rise to the occasion and become a hero. Beyond his web-slinging adventures, Miles exudes an undeniable coolness, excels as a bright and inquisitive student, fearlessly expresses his artistic talents on the city’s walls, and brings laughter with his quick-witted humor. Simply put, Miles Morales is a person whom people naturally gravitate towards and can’t help but adore.

2. Pavitr Prabhakar / Spider-Man India

This version of Spider-Man embodies a carefree and positive personality, radiating an optimistic and cheerful vibe. He faithfully watches over Mumbattan in his own dimension, embodying the role of a friendly neighborhood hero with great ease. When Miles ventures into an alternate dimension, he first encounters Pavitr’s world at the behest of The Spot, who seeks to gain more power. However, for Pavitr, it’s just another effortless and exciting escapade.

Portrayed by Karan Soni, Pavitr has assumed the mantle of Spider-Man for a mere six months, yet he has already earned his place among the Spider-Society. It’s not difficult to understand why he is highly regarded within the group. He exudes a kind and relaxed nature, striving to do his best in both his superhero persona and civilian life. Although his stress-free outlook on life may stem from the absence of a tragic canon event, he remains an immensely lovable character.

1. Hobart "Hobie" Brown / Spider-Punk

Meet Hobie Brown, a rebellious Spider-Man who fearlessly battles against fascists, indulges in thought-provoking political performance art, and wields an electric guitar as his unconventional weapon of choice. Although initially affiliated with Miguel’s Spider-Society, Hobie prefers to play by his own rules, delighting in defying authority whenever possible, simply for the sheer thrill and to champion the causes close to his heart.

With an unwavering confidence in his beliefs and an impeccable sense of style that effortlessly extends to his animated portrayal, Hobie unquestionably embodies the epitome of cool. Each frame featuring him showcases an ever-evolving collage that perfectly complements his persona. Voice actor Daniel Kaluuya brings this cockney punk to life, stealing the spotlight in every scene with his captivating charisma and visually striking presence. Audiences can’t help but be captivated by Hobie’s charm, leaving them eager for more of his magnetic allure.

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